Tube Rentals


We Have Vinyl Tubes

Our vinyl tubes are light weight and equipped with cup holders and handles to maximize your tubing experience. They stay cool in the Texas heat to create an optimal tubing adventure on the Guadalupe River!


We Have Cooler Tubes

With a piece of plastic tied to the bottom of the tube, your ice chest is secured from falling through the bottom. Also provided is a rope to connect you to the cooler tube so you don’t get separated. Don’t have an ice chest the right size? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. It’s $10 for the tube without the cooler, and $20 for the “water wader” tube with a cooler.

Don’t Forget

We offer personal Life Jackets at no cost and recommend they be worn. They are worn like a vest, filled with foam and covered in a thin canvas these will easily keep you afloat even if you fall out of the tube.